Special Encounter with The Caffeine

It should be just another sleep-deprivation day.
But no, it's Idul Fitri. Millions of people's day.
The holy day for Muslim all around the globe,
the day of forgiveness,
the day to come back to purity,
the day when people come to your houses to mend every broken relationship.
...every 5 minutes.

She really choose the wrong date to be insomniac.

Thus, she turns to the hero to help her saves the day:

She considers coffee for a while.
But it's too strong.
She wouldn't want to spend the rest of the day shaking like a terrified kitten.


First two cups:
Oh.. God bless the tea man!!

(by this, she means that Chinese Emperor who happened to sit in his garden when the Camellia Sinensis leaf fall to his cup of water)

Third cup:
*smile maniacally* ENERGY BOOST!

Fifth cup:
singing Redemption Song while swinging the glass dangerously.
Pretending like it filled with rum, not tea.

(free yourself from mental slavery!! humhumhumsomething your mind! lalala atomic energy!)

Seventh cup:
having a really nice conversation with own conscience.

("hey conscience, thanks for the company"
"I know, ain't I a good friend"
"yes, you are. You always there by my side!"
"of course, I'm your conscience."
"ARHARHARHAR!! you right! would you marry me then?")

Eighth cup:
trying to measure the depth of the nose with fingers...and other things.

Check the tea plantation.
There's a high probability they accidentally slip some weeds in it.

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