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"a-ha say goodbye with a farewell tour 2010"

This story feed popped up in my Facebook wall a few hours ago.

After a few minutes dumbstrucking (is it even a word?):

Yes, another great band, another music that shaped my childhood, is gone.

I even far much more sadder about this than when Oasis broke up.
(mind me, that band with their dysfunctional brothers achieving 18 years is already a miracle, so the story when Noel finally snapped up wasn't really a surprise)

So it goes, the #37 in my dreamlist: watching a-ha live performance.

But, what can I say? it's their lives, their choices.

They are forever not ours.

So, obviously one cannot speak about a-ha without mentioning their forever amazing video:
Take On Me.

When in the early 90s the local TV replayed this 1985 video (won 6 awards in MTV Video Music Awards) it became one of of the first video that struck me in front of the TV, adding another reason why music is amazing.

For a child, the pencil-sketch animation/live-action combination (called rotoscoping, according to The Mighty Wikipedia) is one of the main reason why it's so amazing.
It was the 80s, do remember that please.

For me, it's the story.
A girl, in a mundane world, escapes to a world she used to imagine only.
An adventure, with a perfect boy she used to imagine only.
And even when she came back to the mundane world, the used-to-be-imaginary boy finally becomes real, and stays with her.
For her.

I always have issues with escapism things.

and of course, Morten Harket, the beautiful Morten Harket.
after the sad news about their break-up, I finally realize that Morten Harket was actually my first crush. For some years ahead, he became my standard how a man can be considered gorgeous or dashing.

I remember back then, when watching the vid, at the scene where the almost lifeless Harket attempting to break out into the real world with painfully banging himself against the edges of the panel of the comic book's page; I cried, just like the girl in the video.

I know, I'm so drama I should act in a soap opera..

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