a morning with a kinda clairvoyance experience

So, it's been a long weird morning.

it's all started with my plan going to Pantai Baron for some reunion with my elementary school friends.
I am really not in the beach mood, but a long lost friend of mine just came all the way from Bali to here, and I just can't miss that for life, I haven't met her for some 13 years, for God's sake!
so *grumble grumble*, yes I'm going to the beach.

the morning before the plan, I've been having a great dream.
the dream where everything is so green and blue, vivid and crystal clear, with all my great friends (even teddy in it too!), and instead of a mad tea party, we're having a mad breakfast party! = )

but suddenly my good dream is interrupted by other dream (weird, I know, but I did feel interrupted), not a very good one.
it's not green and blue anymore, it's a dull brown and black.
at some kind of hospital, an old hospital, which I suspiciously has a high resemblance like that mental asylum in Magelang..
in the dream, I met Febrina, one of my elementary school friend I supposed to go with to Baron, she said that we're not going to the beach, because one of our friend just got an accident, and then we literally pounding the door, searching for our friend. Exactly when we finally meet this creepy nurse whose going to explain about our friend, my dad woke me up.

I was still stunned because of that weird dream when I found out there's a new message in my cellphone.
It's from Febrina:
The plan is cancelled.

I was still cheering for this great news when I remember my dream, and I suddenly became very worried.
She didn't tell me the reason why, and it's so not her, cancelling a quite big plan like this.
I text her back, asking is there something wrong. But until now, 6 hours later, she hasn't reply it, which is also unlikely for a girl who can't live without her cellphone.

Sure, having a clairvoyance experience is great.
But now I really wish it's just another bad dream..

the grreat paintings of Matsui Fuyuko is from here

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