wrapping up

there's so much things lagged up behind in my life.
I guess for the last 2 or more years I've been living a much too lazy life.
I'm not on denial if I said I didn't regret those lazy days.
true, they're sort of putting my dream behind, all those thesis and all those chances I throw away.
but for the last 2 or more years I think I've done a pretty good job in handling changes and rush.
yes sirree, I did.

and so, I decided to handle my blogs.
an old blog to be relaunched, and a new blog to be edited.

Bau Hujan, was my first blog. I kinda tempted to delete it because all the terribly-written and embarassing posts, but it's an old geezer, and I don't have the heart to do it. ahaha.
So I decided to edit all the layout, luckily Blogger is quite easy for an obtuse like me.
I found some great sites, download some fonts, doing some photoshopping, and voila!
The header is from Shabby Blogs, I'm still thinking to get some item from this place.
The font, Clementine Sketch, is from the famous 1001 fonts.

oh! mundane!, is the new shiny blog, another impulsive project.
I still don't know where this one is heading.
two postings and I already stuck.

I hope I can finish editing the old one, and maybe, just maybe, writing a post for a new one before Monday.

there you go, I'm handling up few of the things I lagged behind.
I just badly wish I can wrapped up this year with some ultimate super achievement.
a finished thesis, perhaps?
= )

the grreat image is from here

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