last point. first point.

it always it is, isn't it?

not until the last drop,
the last light of day,
the last packed luggage,
the last breath,

that everything starts to show up.

that every nuts and bolts would eventually work even without your anger,
that the chair rocks slightly when you cheer,
that the vanilla sky still looks better even without your glasses,
that the breeze is never sweeter than this,
that the flowers shines more than ever,
that the tree is caressing you while you sit underneath his leaves.

not until near it, that you would realized,
that this is the last,

but, these last realization,
is it made to make you feel guilty about abandoning it the whole time?

perhaps not.
perhaps it is made for you to smile and thank that even when you're blind to it
the sweetness is always there,

and you have had a great time.

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