Endless and Useless

oh, you young dudes..

I hate debate. My small emotions range made me hate it.
I avoid it, that's why some people see me as ignorant and/or apathetic. I'm okay with that. I rather being labeled like that than ended up being hurt or hurting someone in a debate.
Yeah, I know there's such thing as healthy debate, but my hot temper kicked that option in the teeth.

but sometimes you just can't avoid it, no matter how hard you try.
...and ended up in a debate about topic you've been avoiding is worst than the debate itself.

an hour ago, that happened.
and this time was about Lady Gaga's concert ban.
I've been running away from this topic for a week or so. Simply because:
1. I don't give a damn about Lady Gaga.
2. The topic leads to more grim topics: religion and politic.

well, it didn't end up well.
my opinion was I think the ban is ridiculous, there are much much more important things to deal with. Why bother about a Madonna rip-off when there's still a lot of children can't even get a proper education??

and one single sentence shut my mouth:
well, you can't expect the government to think the way you young people think.
as in:
the adults know better.

needless to say that this lead to more bitter emotions.
on my side.


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