Out of the Blues

I won't call myself a true fans of jazz/blues genre, heck, I won't call myself a true fans of any genre.
I never able to stick to only one type of music, too short of attention span and too easy to get bored.
Jazz and Blues are the genre I rarely listen, yet when I'm tuned to it, oh baby how I'm really tuned to it...

So today, somehow I spent all day listening to internet radio streaming, one thing I never really try due to awful internet connection. After hopping from station to station, I ended up in BBC Radio 6.
The great Donald 'Duck' Dunn, musician that practically maybe had associated with half of the Blues World, just died in his sleep this morning. So I guess it made part of this night--or in UK time, afternoon, a tribute to him.

It's BLUES songs keep playing one after another, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Cab Calloway, The Blues Brother, Clydie King & Jimmy Holiday, Warren Zevon!!
I was in the middle of typing new post for EdgyEdge, but I literally stop, and the mooove, well, moves to every part of my body except my fingers.
There's something about Blues music to my brain. Them tunes practically filled every part of my every gray cells, left me nothing to think. Pure groove to smoke on!

R.I.P. Donald 'Duck' Dunn
(November 24, 1941 – May 13, 2012)

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