A Rush of Tunes to The Emotions

it all started with a friend tweeting her views on every Coldplay album, from Parachute until Mylo Xyloto.
and then I started to ponder myself..

Parachute, circa 1999-2000, is always my favorite album of Coldplay, up until this day. Although I still dis Yellow, it being too heavily played. But the rest of the tracks were songs that, as cheesy as it sounds, the soundtrack of my life.
That had to do with the year was a real hard one for me, being 13 years old and moving to a new town, dealing with new people, and a train wreck of emotions. The track Trouble, Don't Panic, and Everything's Not Lost at that time felt like someone who understands, who listens, doesn't advise anything, yet showing how to deal with bad feelings in a less destructive way.

Ironically, the next 2 albums later, I stayed away from Coldplay because of the same reason. Emotions.
I was trying to put a distance to my own true feelings, as well as anything that can remind me to it.
That, and the band was being mainstream-er. (such a snob, I know.)
Though every now and then Clocks and Speed of Sound still played on the loop, alongside with dozens of Japanese bands I was getting myself into.

Viva La Vida was a sound revolution. I remembered hearing the song on the roof, and when I looked up to the sky, strong wind blow the clouds away from the sun, warm lights on my face while the interlude played.
You can imagine that my mind basically exploded when months later, I saw the same thing depicted on the music video.
It was a feel-good album, confidence building, and seeing things clearer.
As well as what was happening in my life at that time.

the newest Mylo Xyloto feels like a continuation of Prospekt's March to me, the extra that better not be done. It's too dense, too electro, less Coldplay, more Chris Martin. Almost a disappointment, yes.
Although some of the tracks still has that 'grip', that mind blowing sense of feeling. But it made me yearning for the good ol' day of Parachute even more, at least one album before they choose to disbanded.
That one last blaze of glory, while leaving a flame behind.

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