What You Would Miss

it's the bluest of the bluest sky.
it's the smell of the coffee in the morning, alongside with cups and cups and cups of tea.
it's the sound of me diligently sneezing in the morning.
and the quarrel between me and your grandpa.
(he believes morning sunshine would stop the sneezing.. while it just making it worse!)

it's the opening and closing of the refrigerator door.
it's the clicking on the tv remote control.
all without purpose though, just a habit we can't get rid off.

it's tonnes of books I would make you read.
it's tonnes of tunes I would make you listen.
all from the time before you were born,
even some from the time before I were born.

it's the breeze in the mountain.
it's the breeze in the sea.
it's the sands, the waves, the rocks, the buildings
the trees, the flowers, the cold, the heat.
all the places I would love to take you.

it's that loud of a storm.
it's that seconds we'd count between lightning and thunder.
it's that drops pattering in your windows.
it's that scent before it rains.
it's that scent after it gone.

it's that people you would like.
it's that people we would hate.
all the amazing people you would meet.
your mom and your dad, especially .

it's the grins, smirks, smiles.
but mostly, the laughs.

these all, are the things you would never know.
it's okay, though.
because despite of it all, there are also many other things
we're glad that you never know.
the mean things, the bad things, the sad things.

yet really, for me, right know, at the moment,
the saddest thing of it all is the fact that I would never know you.
when I already deeply falling in love with you,
my dearest darling niece..

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