maybe later

considering  my age, surely I supposed to be working by now. Days of not doing anything supposed has been over months ago. My days supposed to be filled with moaning, whining, and complaining about works, deadlines, bosses, and normally: men. (for the last 2 days I already got 4 wedding invitations, and one of it from my junior.)

but what am I doing now? none of that above. Still awfully unemployed.
The fact that I can't go more than 60 kms from the house just made the job apps fewer.
but does it really a problem?
I'm amazed and dumbfounded with all that invitations, but does it made me stress?

not really.

Epilepsy is one of the thing to be blame to this unemployment.
I still can't control the attacks, and I'm not that cruel to let people I love worrying about me all the time.
Recently, the doctors changed my meds.
and that practically ruins a lot.

This Keppra thing, apparently got some side effects to me.
You probably noticed it from this post. The mess.
for the last 2 weeks it gave me vertigo, drowsiness, stupidity, depressions, complex partial seizures, absences, awful concentrations and coordination (yes, even a lot more awful than before, imagine that)

I got three NGO job applications waiting. (and more non-NGO job apps)
But given this conditions, I don't think I can handle anything yet.
That's why this patheticness (is that even a word?) doesn't really bother me.

maybe later,
maybe better.
and meanwhile, I'm enjoying my latest infatuations :))

nah, all these optimisms is me talking, not the meds side effects. 
The infatuations? the meds. definitely the meds.

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